The below testimonials are not included here to brag or boast, but simply to illustrate how profoundly we can each touch the lives of others when we put the gifts God has given us to use. What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to use music to inspire, lift up, and encourage so many people whom I've never met. It is what God made me for, and it is one of the purest joys of my life.

- David Nevue

What People are Saying About the Music:
"Words cannot begin to describe how much of an impact your music has had on my life since I was 21. You might be the reason I’m still alive. 12 years have passed and to finally hear you speak brings me to tears. You deserve the highest of blessings. Thank you, David. Never stop making music." - Jonie
"I wanted to thank you for your online recordings. They really helped me over the past two months as I recovered from a broken shoulder. My son had given me your sheet music book "20 Favorites Piano Students Love to Play" for Christmas. After I broke my shoulder in late January, I couldn't use my right arm at all. But I googled your music and found recordings of you playing many of your pieces in that book. I decided to try playing along with you - with only my left hand. It wasn't the same of course, but it sure helped me stay positive over the past months! Tonight I was able to play both hands for the first time. Yay! Just thought you might like to know that you made a difference in someone's life in a way you might never have expected." - Kathy
"I play marimba. I played in high school but after I graduated, of course, I had to stop. In 2015 I found out I had cancer. During Chemotherapy and radiation treatments I listened to calming Christian music. In my head and heart I could hear how the sound of the marimba (deep resonance) as you and others played. I ended up with lymph problems in my left arm. My husband encouraged me to get a marimba because playing it may help AND because he knew I loved playing it. Now when I get music from you and others, I sit down at my keyboard and play then I get up and try to figure out how a marimba part would fit. This brings much enjoyment and in the long run has helped with the Lymphatic issue in my arm. Thank you again for being such a big part of my life." - Candice
"I want to say thank you for your music and the sheet music you make possible to buy. I have epilepsy and it has been shown in studies that both listening to piano and playing piano reduce seizures greatly. Since I really got playing greatly mine went from 4/month to 1 every other month and decreasing in severity." - Cassie
"I wanted to tell you how important and wonderful your music is to my life. If I could choose music to express my soul and faith, I would choose your music to represent that. I am not an accomplished piano player by any means, but I play your songs just because they are a joy to play, to listen to, and to praise God with. Your music gives me comfort, inspiration, and joy. I especially am finding it incredibly comforting at this time with all that is happening in the world. I want to thank you for your music, your gift, and your wonderful expression of emotion, love, faith, and God." - Janis
"I by accident discovered your music when i was a junior in college... Then as technology progressed....and the years went by....i was surprised when I had my Pandora app on an instrumental station....and out of nowhere I instantly knew/remembered the tune/music. I was diagnosed with a mental disorder a few years ago. But even before then... I could find hope/safety/clarity by turning on your music. You have saved my life quite a few times... you bring me sanity and peace, and (I'm religious) so you bring the truth and spirit of God to places in my soul that no one else can. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the past 12 years of your music and gift to me." - Lillith
"I am an older piano teacher... several of my students have discovered you and enjoy playing your pieces While the Trees Sleep, Twister> and My Happy Dance. An eighth grader played by memory, Twister for the 8th grade musical review and dedicated it to me, a sweet generational crossover, made possible through your music.... I recently brought in a very fine pianist, to hear my student play Twister just to expose him to it, and he got excited as well. So, I'm coming in the back door, but your music is revitalizing my teaching, which ya kind of need to do as the years tick along.... I'm not very sophisticated by today's standards, but my young people are finding a whole new area to explore and something far more interesting than popular stuff like 'Let It Go' Thank you!" - Holly.
"We met when you played a concert in my home several years ago. I wanted to write you about the inspiration your music has provided our family. I own some of your albums and sheet music... I never really thought of myself as a composer or really even thought about writing music... until I started playing your music and you played in our home. After that concert I was inspired to try to write. I have created several songs... and even got one of them on sheet music. My oldest son has learned all my songs and plays them from memory on the piano all the time. I even performed one of my songs at my mother-in-laws church this past weekend. I wanted to thank you for your music and your inspiration. Sometime, when I have more songs written, I am going to learn about getting them professionally recorded." - Will
"I spent my 20s as the pastor of a church. My 30s dealing with chronic illness. Now in my 40s I am home bound. Your music came up today on Pandora. It reached through my pain and touched my soul. Seems like God reaches down every so often, and touches me. Letting me know He knows and has not forgotten me. So thanks for being the tool for my blessings." - David
"I hope you remember me — we worked together to host your house concert in January. I wanted to share a quick update on some of the fruit of that concert. Our son Ethan fell in love with Big Snow in Salzburg that night. We purchased the CD and sheet music and he began to learn the piece. In March I learned of an opportunity in our city for children ages 7-18 to participate in a talent show. I presented the opportunity to Ethan and he wholeheartedly wanted to play “Big Snow.” The day of the talent show came and, though he was recovering from the flu, he played “Big Snow.” He ended up placing first in his age group and won an iTunes gift card and the opportunity to play for the City at our annual Home Town Days event in San Carlos. He is thrilled and we are blessed that this anointed music will be played in a public setting." - Dee
"I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your music and all it has done for me. With all that I have seen and experienced, your music enables a sense of calm from the daily chaos... " - Steve C., Major USAF
"My college-student daughter didn't have much money, but she purchased your "Overcome" sheet music, trudged through the snow on campus to the practice rooms, and learned/memorized the piece for her father for Christmas. She played it for him Christmas morning, and it is his favorite gift of all time. (Whenever she is home on a visit, she plays it for him.) The next year, she learned "Words Left Unsaid" and again had her father in tears. Thanks for the gifts!" - Lina
"I am eighteen years old, freshly out of high school... My whole life, my grandparents have taken me to church on a weekly basis, but never really kept teaching me lessons out side of school. I have struggled my whole life. In elementary school, my two oler siblings were the cool kids, so I was always picked on by them and the rest of the school. In junior high, I started experiementing with drugs and alcohol after my mom got custody of me... I stopped going to church all together for a year and a couple months... I renewed my faith in God after one of my youth leaders rightfully led me to Christ, and its been an uphill battle since. I have been to Peru on a missions trip, which changed my whole outlook on life; but I have applied and been rejected for Bible college; been shoved away by my christian peers and been judged for things long in my past that I have already recognized and been forgiven for. Which brings me to your music. I have been listening to your music for about six months now, and it is truly inspirational. I heard it when I put on a piano station on Pandora (radio). I heard one of your songs playing (Overcome), and I couldn't stop thinking of my Christian life, and all its struggles. Through that whole song I could not stop crying and I didn't know why. I wrote down that song and your name and found out you are a Christian, which made me cry even more. God has been keeping me faithful for years, even in my darkest times by putting christians in my life without me knowing it. Your music has truly inspired me to work towards being more like God, and to find my purpose, and my talents He gave to me to glorify Him. Thank you for being the light on my path to darkness, guiding me out. I thank God every day for your music. It has truly been a blessing. My life may be hard now, but I know now that God will always help those who ask for it. Thank you again!" - Nadine
"I am an aspiring author. My passion peotry, but I don't limit myself to one genre. Same with my music. I listen to everything. I favor rock/heavy metal, but if I can feel it, then it is worth listening to. It seems I do my absolute best, raw emotional writing when I have your music playing. I own all of your CD's. Every song sits in my iTunes folder. When I am suffering from writers block or just when I need or feel like writing I play your music over and over. When I do that the words just seem to fall out of the pen onto the paper. I have spent countless hours with your music wtiting until my hand went numb and my eyes burned. I wanna say I just may owe part of my current and future career to you. I have never been so moved by any composer/musician before you or still yet. As stated above if I can feel it, then it is worth listening to. I believe this is why it is so easy to write when I am listening to it, because I feel it, not just hear it. I just wanted to thank you so very much for sharing your gift with the world and thank you even more for what you have brought to my life. Many, Many Blessing, My Friend." - Jeanmarie
"Today I'm especially grateful for your gift of music on your Adoration: Piano Hymns CD. As a child growing up in rural middle Tennessee, my mother made sure my siblings and I were in church on Sunday mornings... these old hymns are gracefully ingrained in me. Now, some forty years later, my siblings and I are taking shifts staying with Mother...she was diagnosed with pancreatic & liver cancer two weeks ago. Your Hymns CD is playing softly in her home this bright autumn Sunday afternoon as she naps. Mother turned 87 last July and its probable she's seen her last Christmas celebration. Earlier today she said she liked having the music playing... I set the player to shuffle and repeat. THANK YOU, David for using & refining your gifts from above to comfort & inspire us below."- Robin
"David seems like your music has held me/us together for almost 3 years. A week ago today and 11 days short of the one year anniversery of his son (my nephew) death; my brother (his father) passed away. You have carried my family through 4 deaths an almost fatal fall (mine) in the last 3 years. I thank God above for your talent." - Marie
"I was in a dark place today. A place where I punish myself for something I didn't do, and it causes me to hurt myself and those I love emotionally. I was listening to Pandora, which is normally what I do when I go into this place, and David Nevue's song, "Overcome" came on. His song saved my life. No, not physically. Emotionally. I was pulled, dragged rather, out of my dark place. I don't know if he knows the power his songs have. It made me feel like I could do anything, and that I knew I would get through this. I knew there would be some scars an pain, but I would overcome. I would be okay. So thank you. Thank you for saving me." - Stephanie
"Ever since meeting you, our son has been like a bird that's been set free! Every single morning and evening since, he's gone to the piano and played and played. How lovely to wake up the family with "Big Snow in Salzburg!" We all are enjoying your CDs and just wanted to let you know - meeting you want not just inspiring, but honestly life-changing. We thank God for blessing us with this new gift of vision and encouragement." - Amy
"Our senior minister and his wife announced that they were retiring and moving to Florida in June. Their daughter lives there and is pregnant with her first child. This past Saturday was my last Saturday evening to play for them so I played "A Tiny Heartbeat" as the offertory and had written them a note before the service as to what I was playing and that a tiny heartbeat was calling them to use their gifts and graces in Florida. I had told him that when I was finished playing he could tell the rest of the congregation what I played and why. When I finished there was dead silence in the church and I had tears in my eyes and kept looking at that beautiful stained glass window down front and waiting for him to speak, which took awhile. He had a hard time talking. Beautiful piece that touched everyone there! Thank you so much." - Carla
"I am in the Stanford hospital having undergone a double lung transplant. I have played Awakenings over and over every night to sleep. Your talent has made this stay tolerable. Thanks from the bottom of my heart ( and lungs!)" - Bill
"I just want to say that your music takes my breath away. It's so beautiful and just the kind of music that I love. When I'm feeling sad or depressed, all I have to do it listen to you play. It lifts my heart up out of the darkness. I have lost so many loved one in the past 10 years. My parents, Aunts & Uncles, my best friend and my beloved husband all crossed over. I get so lonely for them. I still fall into grief now and then and feel like I'm down a dark hole. Your music give's me a light that I can find my way out again." - Renee
"My teenage son discovered your music on You Tube several years ago.. he made me sit down and listen.. it was Sweet Dreams & Starlight. So we Googled you, went to your web site and listened some more. We fell in love. I went through some pretty tough emotional times and had back pain for years. I finally ordered one of your CDs and then one day, I got out the old portable CD player and went for a walk. I was hooked… I have been walking now for 1 and 1/2 years everyday with my dogs and my David Nevue. Your music is PERFECT for walking and even more perfect for thinking and sorting out life!!! My kids and friends made fun of mom and her fanny pack CD player.. so last Christmas, my son splurged and got mom a little iPod shuffle. I have ZERO back pain now, lost 24 pounds and kept it off. But more than that, your music got me through some emotional turbulence. And I know if I am feeling sad, angry, anxious..just put on my shuffle and walk! It cleanses the heart and mind!!! - Susan
"We found your work through Anne Voskamp's blog. One Saturday morning I sat after reading and just enjoyed the music over a cup of coffee. My son heard the music and came along to sit by me. He insisted I research who you were and if your music was on 'the youtube' (he is 10!) After his interest I emailed his Piano teacher and sent along your website link. Long story short he played your song Wonderland at his recital. Sadly the nerves got to him and he lost his place, lost his confidence and ended up in tears refusing to see anyone but his dad and me. He cried that night in his bed and we sensed that it would be hard to get him back on the piano again. We were delighted when after a week of not touching the keys he sat down and started playing Wonderland again all on his own. From that day on he plays it daily. When he wakes up, when he is finished with lunch, right before bed, when he just happens to walk by the piano. Honestly I hear it all day long. And I LOVE it! My son said it is his 'favorite piece ever' I though you might like to know. I hope you realize how greatly God has gifted you and the fact that your ministry is unique and yet reaches in places you probably had no idea of ever reaching! Blessing to you!" - Xiomara
"I am a church pianist, and I also teach piano. I teach a 13 year old child who has a physical disability, and she will never be able to play sports or walk down a long hallway in school without help. However, the one thing this child can do is play the piano. We discovered your music together about two years ago. She played one of your pieces last year in my piano recital. She literally brought tears to my eyes as she played. Thank you for sharing your music with us." - Christy
"I just wanted to tell you how much my family loves your piano music. My son, Noah, is 11 years old and has autism. I started him in piano lessons one year ago. His piano teacher tells us that he is a talented pianist. He really loves to play, but was really uninterested in the traditional books. So the main music he plays are your songs. I have bought several from you for him to play. His favorites are Wonderland, The Emerald Valley, and Eden Again. Thank you for your music and inspiring my son." - Jayne
"About a month ago, your music popped up on my Pandora radio... Ironically, during my Lady Gaga radio. The fates must have known what I was about to endure. To make a long story short, I immediately hopped onto iTunes & bought tracks from your album 'Overcome' thinking I may wish to listen to you again. A lot has happened this past month & I have ben holding fast to those tracks for dear life. You have helped me to overcome the massive obstacles life has thrown at me. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your talent & for sharing it with everyone. You have truly been a life saver." - Cassandra
"I stumbled across your music quite unexpectedly a few months ago. In the midst of the very painful loss of my grandmother, your music gave voice to my grief. When my mouth could not find words, I found healing in your Adoration CD. It somehow connected me to God's great sustaining love despite the pain I was experiencing. The unchanging, eternal nature of our Lord was revealed to me through the beauty of the piano. When I listen to your music my thoughts are naturally turned upward. I simply want to thank you for using your gift to bless others. Your music has become the score of this season of my life, and I consider it a precious gift." - Rachel
"I write to express my thanks to you and your music. Since about two years ago, I started living alone in my family's house in the Czech Republic. This naturally brings a lot of lonely days and nights. However, about the same time, a friend mentioned she was planning to learn a song called "Big snow inSalzburg" and sent me the link to the YouTube clip. I was very moved by its beauty and decided to learn to play the song, even though I did not at the time know that it is possible to purchase the sheet music. After some time, I looked at some other clips on YouTube and decided to learn some of the other songs you wrote, because they all seemed so moving and relaxing. My aunt asked me what I wanted for my birthday that year, and I asked for some of the sheet music. Since then, whenever I felt lonely or sad at home, I was always able to relax by playing some of your songs. I am but an amateur piano player, only having taken classes for one year when I was six, but your compositions are usually easy enough for me to play - and yet so very powerful... Since September this year, I have been studying abroad in Japan, and have recently been asked to participate in a Foreign Exchange Student Music Festival. I am planning to audition with your song "No More Tears" for my first ever public piano performance ever - and am very excited about it! So, as I mentioned in the beginning, I would like to express my gratitude to you and wish you as much happiness as I have always felt from your music." - Karel
"I have known about your music for some time but didn't know much about you. After your concert Saturday, I walked away inspired and touched. You are a true blessing for us on this earth. You bring joy and love when you perform. You give the gift of emotion and reality in every moment, key stroke and sound that emanates from your gifted fingers. I too play the piano and have for 30 plus years. I pray I can bring as much joy to my listeners as you did for me... You are truly a divine tool for inspiring, and touching peoples souls. I look forward tremendously to your next performance in Portland, as I WILL be there soaking up all that you have to offer... it was the most wonderful evening my husband and I have had "out" in a very long time... thank you... for being YOU." - Laura
"I just wanted to let you know how much your music has blessed me. I first heard your song "The Gift" a few months ago on someone's blog. I fell in love with that song right away. I Googled your name and found your web site, as well as some links to your music on YouTube. One of the very next songs I listened to was "No More Tears." I was blown away by how beautiful it was. I played it for my mom, and she started crying! We joked about the irony of the name. I love how this song encourages me to think about heaven and the joy that we will experience there, when God will wipe away all tears from our eyes. My family bought me 3 of your cds for my birthday about a month ago. I especially love "Adoration" and "Sweet Dreams and Starlight." I listen to your music all the time now. It is very calming, and ministers to my soul. I am a musician myself (violinist/pianist). I play classical violin, but with piano, like you described in your bio, I'm just not motivated to play classical sheet music. I have composed a few simple tunes, and otherwise I just play around with chords. It is encouraging to see how God is using your style of piano playing to bless others. It reminds me that I don't have to have a degree from Juliard to be used by Him! Thank you for being His instrument! May He continue to bless others through the gifts He has given you." - Rebekah
"I just wanted to let you know that your beautiful piano music from the Adoration: Solo Piano Hymns CD ushered my firstborn son into the world. My wife and I have been big fans of your music since we found your Christmas CD a few years ago. We have played it non-stop every Christmas since then. As we were preparing for the birth (which my wife did naturally without meds), we began looking for music that was calming yet reflected a passion for God. I remember saying "I wonder what David Nevue has?" We quickly went to iTunes and found a treasure trove of wonderful music. We had your music playing during the birth of our son, Judah Isaac Boriss (August 7th), and during all 3 days we spend in the hospital literally day and night. I don't think my iPod has ever worked that hard! Your music will also be played in his room. Thank you for using your gifts and talents, and for making them available. Your music added a wonderful atmosphere to the most important event in our marriage. Thank you very much and may God bless you." - Jeff
"We were very proud when ourgranddaughter won piano recital competition in her town of Buffalo, MN. We just got back from there, where she sat and played a BEAUTIFUL and impressive rendition of your song The Vigil; which she played for the competition. Our family has been blessed by your mastery, and we truly appreciate it. Our granddaughter is a Christian influence in her peer group, also. You have given her another tool with which to share her faith. Thank you." - Dave
"I am a over 50+ lady that never took piano playing seriously but since finding you on the web and playing your sheet music, I play everyday and have even played for my church. Your music , CD and sheet music has brought so much joy to my life." - Becky
"Your music has inspired me to play the piano. I have shown talent in piano since a little kid, but never had the drive to take it on. After hearing your song, The Night Season, I told myself i was going to learn it. Despite not being able to read music, my dad taught me the song note by note, and after a week I am almost done with the 4th page. Your music is an inspiration, and has given me the drive to take up an instrument i have neglected for 19 years of my life. Thank you." - John
"I volunteer at the Seattle VA, with Military and Veteran families,as well as Veterans suffering from PTSD. I had your music on, as usual, and "Just As I Am" was playing. Everyone in the room just stopped to listen. They all had goosebumps from their neck to their toes (their words!!). And said, that man is Blessed with a gift. You made their day and calmed many souls!" - Judy
"I discovered you when searching for hymns on Napster about two years ago. I found your Adoration CD which has become one of my all-time favorites. I have written many papers for my classes at Lancaster Bible College while Adoration was sweetly playing in the background. Just wanted you to know that your music has inspired me and also my 16-year old son who is an aspiring solo pianist himself. He thinks it would be cool to do what you do for a living when he grows up. I look forward to enjoying your new CD and hope to see you perform live one of these days, the good Lord willing." - Dave
"I've only played piano, taking it up at age 52, for three years and your music has been the primary source of inspiration to me. I was blessed to have a wonderful piano teacher for two years but, thanks to your transcripted music, have continued to progress this past year on my own. I met you at your Florida November 2007 concert and hope you will be returning for a concert near Tampa soon so I can, again, see you perform. Though you are busy with composing, releasing the new CD and tours, not to mention your own family, you probably don't know what an impact you have had on so many pianists who enjoy listening and, more so, playing your creations. As a Christian, I appreciate the gift of music and consider myself in a state of worship when playing piano. I love your versions of old Hymns and your original songs. My favorite to play are " O Come, O Come, Emmanuel", "A Moment Lost" and "Overcome". Thanks to your explanation of the meaning of the songs, they mean even more to me. How can I thank you enough for inspiring and fostering this passion for piano which was sparked Christmas 2006 when my husband presented to me a keyboard? A week later, I started weekly lessons, six months later bought a used baby grand, and now am considering posting some performances to YouTube. Be assured that I consider it an honor to play your music and your songs will be the first to post. Thanks, again, for devoting your life to your gift and sharing with others. God bless you this year." - Patricia
"I am sitting here listening to your new album, Revelation, for the first time. It's truly wonderful and is filling my evening with warmth. What touches me most about this album is the peaceful joy and happiness of the songs. There is an airiness about them... a lightness of positivity and they are deeply moving. I am not a religious person, so I am not familiar with the melodies... these songs, though ages old, are completely new to me. And I am loving them. I am in a place in my life, with all that has happened during this last year, where I strongly desire positivity and peace moving forward into 2010 and the new decade. And in the most perfect of moments, as I am letting go of all my resentment, negativity, hatred and anger... your album is lifting me up and touching me in ways I cannot express. I couldn't have picked a better time to listen. Thank you." - Michele
"I first heard your music while I was listening to Pandora Radio. Shortly after, my sister, who is 14 and composes piano music, told me that she had a new favorite composer, David Nevue. I was thrilled that we both discovered your music at the same time, and am now giving her these four songs for her birthday. We come from a Hindu household where anything to do with Christ is "unacceptable" and against my family's wishes and tradition, but this music gives us a way to worship without words. Thanks so much for it." - Sonia
"You have trulyinspired my 11 year old son. He attended a concert you gave to benefit The Daily Bread in Lynchburg, Virginia on Sept. 19. He loved your music, your stories...he bought a copy of your Adoration sheet music, and he is now working on Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. He also desperately wants to learn Overcome. He told me your story about the song, and it meant a lot to him. Also, thank you for your website. My son has read all of the articles you have posted and is very excited about his own future as a pianist." - Karen
"My son (who is 3) came up to mewhile I was listening to your music on my ipod. He climbed into my lap and I asked him if he wanted to share the earphones. He smiled and nodded then leaned against my shoulder as we listened for a while, then he said "Mama, this music is like prayer..." And I cried! Even my little Thomas knows that your music comes from your love for God. Your music is soul-stirring and powerful. Thanks again." - Carla
"I just lost my best friend to pancreatic cancer and am learning to deal with the knowledge that I will not see him again for a while. While making coffee this morning I turned on Pandora Radio and there you were, playing Psalm 5, one of my top five worship songs of all time. I just wanted to let you know how much it blessed me. Thank you for your wonderful music and please continue on your artistic journey with the knowledge that you and your music are touching lives and making them better everyday." - Robert
"I just wanted to share that my dad overheard your musicplaying in the background while I was looking at your website. He immediately asked me to order CDs for him to listen to at work. He's a physician who plays peaceful/reflective music in the operating room during serious procedures to calm the patients. Anyway, I just wanted to share how your music will help provide peace to nervous patients. My dad's looking forward to playing them, so thank you!" - Jenny
"I am so happy I found David Nevue and his lovely music. I have a limited collection of solo piano music, mostly the Narada collection and Michael Jones, but only a few songs truly captured the emotions of my heart. I searched the web for "piano solo artists" and found David Nevue. Here my search is ended. I can't describe to you the feeling that overwhelmed me as if Mr. Nevue knew exactly what I wanted to hear. I realize now that I love the emotion that the music draws from me... as I listened to each song I couldn't wait to get to the next song and each time I was pleasantly surprised. I don't play piano, I just love to listen. Thankfully, God has instilled in some of us the talent and love of the art to bring such pleasure to others." - Carol
"I haven't played piano in over 25 years. I was about to put my piano up for sale and I accidentally came across your music on solopianoradio.com. I found your music to be so beautiful and so inspiring that I have decided to start playing again. Thank you for being such an inspiration and may you continue to bring such joy and happiness to the world for many many years." - Shirley-Ann
"I just wanted to thank you again for bringing your music and inspiration to St. Pete. I can't express how moved I was by your stories and music. I've been a fan since Karri first shared your music with me, but the live concert experience is so much more. You have a marvelous gift for sharing yourself with strangers in a way that makes them feel like you are an old friend. I am humbled by the fact that you came to our little church and then were gracious enough to join us for ice cream. One thing that attracts me to your playing is your expressiveness. I came upon a realization during your concert & I found a way to put it into words: You make the piano sing. You play the hymns the way I would express them as a solo vocalist. The nuances & subtleties you use are similar to the way the words form in my heart & soul. And you do this without a single word spoken or sung aloud. Amazing. Thanks again for so generously sharing your gifts, message, stories, and self with us." - Terry
"Thank you so much for the sheet music. I used to play classical piano (many years ago). In 2001, when I was 50, I had some seizures which deleted some portions in my brain, one of them being the ability to read music. Then in 2002 I had a very minor stroke. I've been working on getting back to where I was before 2001. Thank you so much. I love your music and these pieces will help me in getting back to where I was before." - Pat
"I started getting heavy into music when I got into high school. I learned how to play your song "Overcome" and was really astonished I could even play something like that. I played it for a few of my friends and they thought it was the greatest. This really pushed me to pursue music and make up my own stuff. I have played a bunch of your songs at events and concerts and always get compliments. I am going to a fine arts competition this summer and plan to play one of your pieces alongside other composers as well (George Winston, Dino Kartsonakis, etc.). Thank you again for instilling inside me a love of music and the drive to pursue music theory in order to better understand music and share with others. God Bless David." - Benjamin
"I have had the opportunity to be at a few of your concertsnow and they have been peak experiences for me. As a Christian, I have particularly admired the inspiration behind so much of your music, and love the interpretations that you have done to good Christian hymns. And I also love the stuff you have written yourself. Thank you so much for your stewardship of the gift that God has given you. I have no musical talent at all, but your music, and the offerings through Whisperings that you facilitate, have added greatly to my quality of life. May God continue to bless you in your journey." - Mike
"My brother first heard your music on Whisperings, and it became one of his favorites. He even learned to play most of your songs on piano. I appreciate your courage and desire to draw people close to Jesus, through your songs and your testimony. I realise that some folks might only appreciate the music, and skip the "religious talk" part. And sometimes, not receiving any reaction to the real message of the music can be discouraging. I would like to tell you that your mission statement and the Bible verses in the "What is Truth" section have encouraged me and given me the hope that I might use the gifts God has blessed me with to draw people in to a closer walk with God. And I believe your message has inspired many of the visitors of your site, although probably most of them haven't reacted in any way. So don't allow anything to change the course of your career to which God is leading you. God bless." - Mihai
"I heard your interview today with Kevin on CDBaby, and looked up your website. As I read your mission page I am intrigued, challenged and encouraged. I have been playing music and serving in my church for many years. I have felt the urging to take this music thing more seriously and plan to walk forward in faith and boldness. I am planing to record my first quality EP this year with a friend in Nashville. This is a lifelong dream but also a sobering journey facing the inner hurdles that say "You're just being selfish" or "You think you're good enough?" and other self doubts. Learning and hearing about your journey today encouraged me to keep moving and being faithful to the next step God has placed before me and let Him work the rest out! Thanks for sharing." - Sam
"After reading your FAQs for Piano Advice.... I was nearly in tears...You've sucessfully dispelled all of my worries and fears regarding piano playing... I have a keyboard and I'm wanting to learn so badly... every question that you answered was in my head and for years now I've been struggling to get started... But now after reading all those great answers, I'm able to see things clearly now and have renewed vigor to learn.... I just wanted to say thank you...seriously, thank you!" - Edward
"Before I found your website Iwas learning nothing but classical music, with a good teacher, but one that liked nothing but classical music. therefore I was playing nothing but classical music. After 4 years of playing nothing but that I decided to quit.. And then I found your website. I heard your music and suddenly I didn't want to quit anymore, but only to play your music. It's been a few months since that decision and now, not only I play contemporary piano music, but also classical such as Chopin Beethoven and much more. Even my strict "only classical" teacher is much more open to new and contemporary music and even likes it. I sincerely thank you for preventing what that could have been the end of my piano playing, and hope you will keep transcribing your music to sheets and keep creating more music. " - Itamar
"I wrote to you awhile ago about my daughter, Mary, who you have inspired immensely! She saw you at Our Lady of Hope (Little Sisters of the Poor) in Latham, NY. Since then we have bought many of your songs (sheet music) which she immediately plays and masters. At 9 yrs old her piano teacher says she is playing at college level and you were the one who really got her so excited about the piano that she just blossomed!! You are by far her favorite artist!! May God continue to bless you and your work and of course your family!" - Carol
"As I listen to ADORATION this morning, I wanted to let youknow what an incredible blessing it was to attend the recent Whisperings Concert in San Diego. All the artists were superb and the variety was fabulous as well. But the very BEST thing was hearing your witness of our Lord. God bless you, David, for your boldness to share and for being an Ambassador for Christ. May God continue to use you as salt to give others a thirst for Jesus." - Carol
"I just want to tell you how inspiring your music it and how I having been utilizing it…. I am a 5th grade teacher and believe in the power of music. During our work times throughout the day I play instrumental music. It soothes, it stimulates, and I believe it sets a tone for our work. We even play music during all of our required state and district tests, and I believe our scores reflects its effetiveness. Usually I bring in my own CDs, but recently I heard your music on Pandora.com and started streaming your music in my class (we have an amplification system) from your website. My kids love it. So, thanks again for your inspiring music!" - Kim
"I must tell you my family and I saw you (in concert) in Latham, NY at Our Lady of Hope Residence last year and my daughter was so inspired by you she has mastered several of your pieces and wants to learn more. She is either on the piano or listening to your CD's or watching you on You Tube. She is 9 yrs old & has been playing for 4 yrs - she truly has a gift from God & I'm glad she has such an inspiration such as you to help nurture that gift! Her piano teacher is amazed at her ability andsays her desire to play the piano is insatiable! Thank you so much for your gift & using it for God's glory! We hope you will be in Latham again some day. God Bless you and your beautiful family!" - Carol
"We attended the concert last night with our 12 year old son, and it was absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the work you do of putting these together. Also, thank you for the witness you are during your concerts. So wonderful to see and God will bless your boldness. We wanted to say "hello" afterwards as our son's piano teacher, Neil Patton, wanted us to introduce ourselves, but it was crazy with lots of people. Our son, Micah, is in awe of all of you. He had not heard your music played before last night, but had been playing David Lanz music this last year and loves it. He is obsessive about his music and plays non-stop. He is talented and I think he would love to follow in the footsteps of those of you we heard last night. Thank you for the encouragement your music was to him. We are going to figure out which music and CD's to purchase right away! " - Rochelle
"I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful concert you put on in Utica, MI. I also wanted to say that you music has brought me great joy in learning how to play it, reigniting my desire to play piano, and giving me something to aim for. I found your music two years ago, simply through a google search for piano music, I think, and I have been hooked since. Playing and listening to your music helped me to survive seniorities of college and it is presently keeping me sane in medical school. There is nothing like a good piece of music to center you or bring you back to reality (or sometimes escape from it!), and I definitely need that during my medical studies. Having listened to your music for so long, it was wonderful to hear the stories and emotions behind the music. I realize a lot more, now, about your pieces than I did before and it helps me to enjoy playing them even more." - Chris
"I don´t know how to write this e-mail to say exactly what I want to say and it does not help that I don´t speak English very well. I hope you understand me. I was looking for something on the Internet and I´ve accidentally found your site and I was like 'OK, I can listen to something from here' so I click on Amazing Grace because I know it and like it and I just listened. Before I realized I was crying. I´ve never before cried during any song. And this was like I finally understood the song I thought I know. Does it make any sense? I´m sorry for my English but I wanted to thank you so much. I´ve always liked piano music but this time it was something new for me. I´m so happy because of your songs! Good luck in future and please continue in this beautiful way of playing." - Jana
"It is 5:37am London time, and I'm listening to your music, while I am working. David, thank you for your heart, because I feel it through your music, it's real, raw and healing. I was almost in tears listening to a preview of your Adoration album, so I will be buying it and encouraging my friends to purchase as many as they can. Being a black British male, it is stereotypical for people to assume that such music doesn't appeal to me, but on the contrary; I am one of those seekers and I will listen to anything with the touch of Heaven engraved on it. This is real music David, I appeal to you, never stop listening to God and never stop playing, for Heaven sake!. I sign off now in tears. Thank you." - Ike
"I really don't know what to say or how to say it, but I feel like I have to tell you how much you have inspired me. I fell in love with your music the first time I heard it - became addicted, actually! :-) I really don't know much about music (technically speaking), but the way you put together notes and rhythms touches my soul. I took piano lessons as a child and bought a piano as a young adult, in the hope that someday I would play again. That piano has followed me around with my many moves over the past 20 years-just sitting there, collecting dust. Once I heard your music I just HAD to start playing again. The difficult part was deciding which sheet music to order first-I want them all! It's been slow going, as I find myself counting lines and spaces (F-A-C-E), trying to bring back what I knew so long ago-but it's definitely worth it. As soon as I can, I will be ordering your cd's also-that way I won't be tied to the music stream on your website all day. ;-) Thank you so much for sharing your gift and allowing me to finally fulfill a lifelong dream." - Ann
"My guests and I enjoyed a truly magical evening…many enjoyed it so much that they are wishing I would have you here for a house concert again! My husband (who was a little apprehensive at first about the concert) afterward said that he would do it again anytime. It looks like you made a few new fans in North Carolina! Thank you for your music and especially your testimony for Christ. I am definitely a fan of yours for the long haul…" - Pam
"Thank you very much for sharing your music. I appreciate that sometimes music becomes a very personal craft and sometimes almost too personal to show to others. But, I thank you that you have done so. I have only been at university since this September, but I have been worried that I wouldn't find a place for God in my music making, or that God's path for me was somewhere else. But through your testimony on your website, I'm sure that I will find a way of worshipping God as he intended me too." - Ellie
"I want to say thank you. I started my Christmas shopping today, Christmas Eve, and found myself a little lost and tired. You see the day before Thanksgiving our home burned down and we lost everything...everything that is except for the important things... my girls almost stayed home from church that night (but didn't). I have an 18yr old, a 16 yr old and a 7yr old with cerebal palsey. Had they been home we would be looking at a lot different Christmas this year. I have tried to do my shopping before today but where do you start when you have to start over? God has given us so much peace in this and through people in our community have given us a place to stay. But today I was feeling a little overwhelmed... that is until I sat down in the mall and started to hear this beautiful piano start to play. I fought back the tears. Your playing instantly moved me to a beautiful place of peace, the peace I was starting to lose. I was very drawn to the Overcome CD which I bought then I asked the lady which song you were playing and I ended up buying the Whisperings CD and the Adoration one as well. I live in Roseburg, tonight on Christmas Eve I started playing your CD and my 16 year old came out and asked me where I got this music. She was also the reason I bought so many CDs, she is natuarlly gifted to sit at the piano and play, besides being heavily anointed, the fact that you are self taught I thought would encourage her. She lost her piano in the fire but I don't want her to lose her love for it. When I started to tell her about you she interrupted me and said she and two of her friends stopped and listened to you for quite sometime last week in the mall. She too wanted to buy your Overcome CD. I just felt compelled to let you know that God is working HUGE through you to do great works. Thank you for being obedient, I know it must be hard to play your precious music in a crowded place and wonder if it is getting through. I just wanted to say that it is. Thank you for the moment of rest I received just when I needed it today and now at home with my family on one of the most special Christmas Eves ever." - April
"This year has been a hard year for me with the sudden passing of my father. Christmas I knew too would be difficult. I spent the entire morning alone listening to your Overcome CD. It is absolutely remarkable. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for creating truly inspirational music." - James
"I finally worked up the courage to ask the minister at my Church if I could play piano sometime and he loved the idea. Today I played during the prelude and after the passing of the emblems. I played your music during both. “It Is Well With My Soul” and “No More Tears” were the selections I chose to play. Usually after the passing of emblems everyone will talk to each other, but today it was dead silent while I played your piece “No More Tears.” They LOVED your music and everyone was asking who the composer was and what was his website. Just thought I would let you know how you have touched even those through others." - Aaren
"I hadn't played the piano in over 30 years, having played for about 4 years as a child. I'd given it away, feeling that I had no talent at all and had given my piano to my niece, who I understand never played it. I guess it is sitting somewhere gathering dust. I'm not really sure what possessed me, but one night I started searching the internet for sheet music for beginners, along with some sound clips. I found the usual Mexican Hat Dances, On Top of Old Smokeys et al and felt almost relieved that I no longer played. Then something magic happened. I stumbled upon your web site & clicked on "Solitude". To my dying day, I know I will never forget the feeling I experienced when I listened to it. I won't try to describe it, because it is beyond description. I admit I felt extremely skeptical when I saw that it was marked as "easy" but I downloaded the sheet music for it anyway & dreamed about maybe being able to play it in a year or two. I then rushed off and purchased an entry level digital piano. When it arrived 4 weeks ago, the very first note I played upon it was the first note from Solitude and I then haltingly plucked out the rest of the piece. Though you would surely have shuddered at the sound of it, I was so full of surprise & gratitude that it was at least vaguely recognizable and in a flurry of enthusiasm I bought some of your albums from iTunes and a number of pieces of sheet music from your site. A month later & with 4 piano lessons under my belt, my family think I am a virtuoso ;-) as I play Solitude & Wonderland for them. I have learned not to say "oops" as I hit a wrong note, and they either don't notice or pretend not to notice the mistake. I am currently working on Song at the Speyer Cathedral and I have waiting in my piano stool, The Emerald Valley, Twinkle Twinkle, Big Snow in Salzburg & the glorious While the Trees Sleep. Oh & I just have to get The Amazing Accordion Man. So.... Thank you! If it weren't for you and your haunting Solitude, I doubt very much that I would be experiencing the magic of playing the piano once again, and this time around for no other reason than to please myself." - Caraline
"I just wanted to drop you a little note to say that your music has recently been a great comfort for me. A month ago I recently found out that I have a small tumor. I had several tests and have been very relieved to learn that it is benign, and all I have to do is have a simple outpatient operation to have it removed. But in between learning of the tumor and finding out whether it would be benign or not, I had several dark days. As I would be driving to work, I would feel a fear and sadness welling up inside me. It felt hard to breathe and I would think I would have to turn around and go home. But I would listen to your Whisperings CD, esp the last half (from Psalm 77 on.) I have listened to this CD a million times, but now your music was speaking directly to my heart, just calming me and make things seem brighter. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was that CD, and those 8 songs, that got me through a very dark week and made it possible for me to get through the day with a smile to show the rest of the world. I have always loved your music, but this time I learned just how truly special it is." - Jae.
"I cannot tell you how much my (piano) students enjoy your music. They feel like they have reached a milestone when I allow them to start playing it (these are Liam and Nathan's first David Nevue pieces). Seth plays almost nothing but your stuff; Isaac has performed several pieces in church. Maia is convinced her cat loves your music and plays it for her a lot; Alex listens to your CD's while she reads and as she falls asleep at night. Jenny, Nathan, Hayley and Kody took a theory/composition class with me last year. They came up with some lovely original works, which we recorded and put onto CD, they even designed jackets for the CD's. Each of them listed you in their acknowledgements as an important influence on their composition--without any prompting from me!! I know I keep saying this, but we are all looking forward to having you visit again!!" - Pam
"I taught myself to play the piano about 10 years ago. Two years ago I just quit. No reason, I just didn't feel like playing anymore. Last week I was googling some guitar music (I play acoustic fingerstyle) and for some unknown reason, your website popped up and I went there. I listened to your music for a little while, thought it was beautiful, and lo and behold, found myself buying a couple of your sheet music packages. I dusted off the piano and have barely left it since. Your music is so melodic yet arranged so that even a lower/intermediate player can do it some justice. Just had to say thanks for bringing me back." - Sandy
"I have been writing music for three years now, and its because of your music. You are the one who inspired me to write my first song, and since I first heard Sweet Dreams & Starlight I've learned to play piano and have enough music for two CDs." - Miri
"I just want to let you know how much you inspired me at just 16 years old. I'm now 19, my violin is an extension of my left arm (as well as right if we become technical), and not only have you influenced the piano work I started working after listening to you, but you've just created a strong place hold within my musicianship. I've never had the chance to hear you play live, but your music always lives within me." - Alasha
'I just want to say, thank you. I started writing music two years ago after I heard one of your songs because I found you music so moving. And now I write music about every day. You are my biggest hero,and a true inspiration." - Ket
"I just want to let you know how much you inspired me at just 16 years old. I'm now 19, my violin is an extension of my left arm (as well as right if we become technical), and not only have you influenced the piano work I started working after listening to you, but you've just created a strong place hold within my musicianship. I've never had the chance to hear you play live, but your music always lives within me." - Alasha
"As a devoted father and grandfather I completely identify with your "Sweet Dreams and Starlight" theme. I work as an RN in a NICU in New Jersey taking care of premature babies. When those little miracles finally get big enough to go home I frequently get asked by the parents how they are going to be able to take care of them once they get home. I will then quote your liner note from Sweet Dreams and tell them their children will be as much a part of them as their heartbeat and the love they feel for them will be all they need to be a parent. Thank you for putting such sentiments into words and music for me and others." - Jim
"Your music is an inpiration to me. After almost 30 years of not playing, my husband bought me a digital piano for Christmas and I saw your site on the Internet and listened to your music. It was beautiful. I am a big fan of Windam Hill but you have something very special. I bought your rendition of Silent Night and I sat down and played it with tears in my eyes. I did not sound like you but I dream that someday I may. I am sixty two and starting over. I amd forever grateful for your music." - Varley
"The music is great. My wife loves it as much as I do. I had it playing the other day while my daughter was apparently fighting with a boyfriend via MySpace.com, and she came to me later and told me she was not aware that "my life had a soundtrack!" Apparently your music fit right in with her emotional state at the time. She listened to more of the CDs and found she really likes them. This is from a young lady that is into Pink Floyd, Muse, and Metallica." - Ron
"I just wanted to thank you for your arrangement of 'It is Well With My Soul (from Overcome)' This song has been one of my favorites since I was a teenager because my mom and I would sing it for church specials. She passed away in 1987 when I was 15. This song holds a special place in my heart, and when I heard you playing it, I wept. I just had to get the sheet music. I have been learning to play the piano and reading music for three months now, so I am not that experienced. I am flying through this song though! And it actually sounds good! Praise God for your testimony, there are not many artists that will give all their glory to Christ." - Pam
"I first heard your music on MySpace and I was immediately taken by it. I made a CD order and it just arrived a few days ago. As I sat reading your words (in the liner notes) about your father and listening to the CD, I had no way of holding back the tears. You have captured tunes that make you reflect over your own life and that's what it did for me. "Overcome" could not be a better title for your CD.... When I set it to play and sat down, it was not long before my wife came from the room and asked, "who's that?" and sat with me. Then, my 21 year old daughter that mainly listens to R&B, hip hop, rap and so on came from the lower part of the split level house to ask. Even my 16 year old son said it was cool. People like you are able to make people like me realize that none of us are perfect and that the only perfect one is He who loves us the most. God bless you David." - Omar
"Absolutely beautiful.... there is truely something soul calming about your music. I'm a guy who's huge into metal, punk, alternative, rock etc. but when i get the chance i'm constantly listening to your music. Always liked piano, but has never stuck with me as much as yours does. Thank you." - Tony
"I live in Japan and teach English as a second language in elementary schools here. One of the elementary schools that I visit has a neat set-up with a fairly large "play hall" across from several of the class rooms. In one corner of this room is an old upright piano that is always available for whoever wants to play it. I often see students gathered around that piano while one of them plays something, and I often look longingly at the piano, but I have never gone over there myself, either I'm too shy or too busy getting ready for the next class. But today, when I walked into the play area, a few girls were gathered around the piano and one of them was playing. I went over to listen, and after one girl stopped, they said they were taking turns and it was my turn so could I play something. Fortunately, for the last few weeks, I have been working on your song Overcome without the score. It was the only thing I was sure I could play score-less, so I sat down and started to play. Something must have been working right because I think I did the best performance of this piece that I ever have, and finished it feeling moved and surprised by my own playing. While I was playing, the three or so girls grew to a much bigger group, including some boys, and they were all perfectly quiet while I was playing so I didn't even realize more kids had come to listen. When I stopped, they all clapped enthusiastically and said things like "wow" and "that was pretty" and one girl said "I never get to play music like that in my lessons." Listening to their reactions, I was glad I played Overcome, because I think some how what I was trying to express while playing it got through to them and they seemed to really respond. That's the first time I've ever really played something from beginning to end for students, so that was nice. I felt like we shared something special during that time. I don't think I'll ever forget that. I think your song sounded really unique to them and they really seemed mesmerized. I have gotten so much joy out of listening to your music, and playing this piece, so I was really happy to be able to share that." - Jae
"It had become evident of the last few years that there was something missing in my life - a void. I recently did a search on the internet for the words to one of my favourite hymns “Take My Life and Let it Be”. Your website was listed for this hymn and I played your excerpt from the CD “Overcome”. I also read your articles on “What is Truth” and your “Mission”, both I found empowering. Today I took delivery of your set of CD’s (which I ordered last week) and I listened to Overcome in full. God has given you a great gift. I’m eager to listen to the other 8 CDs. I have always found great comfort and joy in singing hymns of praise. I am uncovering a new heart, new purpose, new attitude and new confidence to the way I live my life. God bless your in your Ministry." - Brian
"I teach high school kids with learning and behavior problems, and often keep background music going as it seems to have a rather soothing effect, especially to the ADHD kids. Generally, they just tolerate my selections, and they truly dislike classical music for some reason. I was excited when I found CD Baby in my internet search for piano music that was something, anything, other than classical. I bought several. Your Whisperings CD was the first I played. I had it going for all 6 periods and was almost entranced by the beauty of it. These students, who have learned to "tune out" my music, were caught staring into space, and when I'd ask if they were confused and needed help with their work they'd say, "No, just listening". This is insanity for kids who listen to nothing but stuff I'm not sure qualifies as music at all. Each period someone brought up the music. They wanted to know about you, why they heard such "feelings" in your music, how anyone ever learned to play like that. I gotta tell you, this made my day. Many of these kids have drug problems, police records, come from violent homes and perpetuate that violence in their own lives. And they loved your music. There isn't much I can do in the course of a year to change these almost-grown people, but if they are exposed to, and learn to appreciate music like yours then you and I have indeed done something. Thanks, on many levels." - Jamie
"Recently, one of our members lost her Mother to Alzheimer's. The Sunday morning following the funeral I played your song "No More Tears" and dedicated it to her Mother. When I finished, there were no tears - in their place was the smile of someone comforted by beautiful music and the knowledge that her Mother was with the Lord and that they would be together again someday. I truly believe this song and the scripture you used as its basis has helped Clara through the grieving process. For that I can't thank you enough." - Kevin
"Thank you for bringing your music to this world. It's hauntingly captivating. Your music gave me courage to stop running away from my problems, and instead face them. Overcome, The Vigil, and While the Trees Sleep were the albums I've purchased and every track is very strong, passionate, and touching; they were so beautiful and heartfelt that I want to weep with it--sometimes I do just that. I am not a Christian, but strangely enough, I've become very curious what kind of faith had the ability to drive such beautiful music. It made me want to hope again. I am very honored and grateful to have the chance to find your music. Thank you." - Suzuki
"I have never been so moved by music in my life. I do not know if CD's can be wore out; if they can be then your CD's do not stand a chance. Your music helps me study the Bible, college homework, and piano. The hand of God has been upon your life, you truly are blessed." - Allen
"My sister is currently balanced between life and death, battling leukemia. Your most recent CD, Overcome, has been the music she has requested over and over during the times of greatest difficulty these past two months. It is playing now in her ICU room – I have left it in her little CD player and asked the nurses to just keep it playing during the night, so that during any periods of heightened alertness she would hear the familiar piano music that is so comforting to her. Several times, while she was still able to converse, she and I talked about letting you know how much your music has accompanied us through our vigils, when the hard rains have come, and in the valleys of shadow. Since Kayleen cannot write you, I am standing in for her.... I especially appreciate your words in the centerfold about the process of passing through sorrow and suffering, and your clarification of this music as an “exploration of both tested faith and patient hope.” Choosing to overcome is our theme: whatever happens, whether Kayleen is released to Heaven to or to her family here, she is an overcomer. Thank you for sharing your journey so powerfully. It has ministered hope and peace to us, over and over and over again." - Linnea
"Your music touches my soul. I've been forced to play piano most of my life. I've hated the idea of ever playing again. But now that I have heard your music you've inspired me to play again. Thank you!" - Stephanie
"First off, let me tell you that I am a 95% listener of hip-hop and rap. When I heard your piano solos, it really touched me, man. You have a lot of talent. I am glad that somehow I stumbled upon your website and was introduced to the fluidity of your music. Thanks for inspiring me." - Randy
"I discovered your music on Live 365 and was immediately attracted to your biography and music. Postcards from Germany and Overcome have been two of the most interesting CDs to me. I had spent almost 2 years in Germany when I was in the ARMY at age 19 through 21. That was in 1974. I remembered being so inspired by the travels I took throughout Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Holland. Being there did something in my soul that changed my life. The CD, Overcome, has been the story of my life as I am sure it is to a lot of others in this world. I can only imagine the words of trials and triumphs and failures you could put to that music. In this world of noise and confusion it is so nice to hear the clear music that you make. I also appreciate your dedication to God through your music and life. I really like how you can take music that is associated with Christianity and add your musical touch to it so it sounds like it belongs in this modern world. I think that is key to reaching out to people, including those who have been in the Christian church at one time in their life, and drawing them back to God. It does that for me! I have needed the peace and focus on God that you communicate through your music to help me have the genuine heart for serving others." - Phil
"Your passion for music is so touching and inspiring. I love the mission statement that you have on your website, "I am a seeker - seeking after my God, striving to serve Him, to understand His ways and His Word. My music is kind of a soundtrack for that journey." That has to be one of the best quotes I have ever heard. Your music has touched my life in so many ways. Every time I am feeling something or going though something in life, I listen to your music to help me clear my head and spend time with God. Don’t stop playing, continue with your ministry it will touch so many people, and so many people you had no idea you touched." - Steve
"I am so captivated by your music. I love its richness and depth. I listen to it during times of anxiousness and it always seems to bring a sense of peace. I can't help but think it is attributed to the deep meaning and personal significance you place in your songs. One can really tell that you deeply feel the pieces you create." - Kieth
"I have really enjoyed your piano music. You can really feel the emotion and care that you have put into your music. I think it's amazing that some pianist's music can just grip you so. You have that talent mastered. I have 3 of your CD's and love them all. Thanks Again." - Tracee
"I listened to your music for the very first time today. I happened to be surfing the net for Yanni concerts coming soon to my area when I accidentally hit a link. Not an accident at all I believe now. I am a mother of two and live in the small town of Baldwin, Wisconsin and have been feeling the strains of daily life. I have been needing some inspiration and I found it today… I feel so calm, relaxed and inspired to do great things, all this from my time listening to your music. Your music is so very beautiful I can feel it deep within my soul. Thank You. I thank God for individuals like yourself that use your talents so wisely and share your beauty with others..." - Roni
"My youngest son Daniel (12) has been playing piano since he was 4. He was struggling to stay motivated with his old piano teacher. About 6 months ago we moved him to a new teacher to try to rekindle the passion he once had for playing piano.... I told Daniel about your music and he wanted to hear it. I streamed a few of my favorites and he absolutely loved it! I went to your website and we purchased and downloaded a sheet music package that had 4 of your songs he really enjoyed. Daniel has been working on “Light” for the last 3 weeks and he’s nailed it. It’s an impressive piece that he loves to play for others. He’s just beginning to work on “The Kindness of Strangers” and he’s excited to play again. Thanks for helping me bring the love and appreciation of fine music back into my sons life." - Alvin
"I need to thank you for your songs. I dont believe you'll quite understand the meaning of this, but since my best friend died I couldn't feel much about life. Your songs have brought me back the will to carry on and I am really gratefull for that." - Roger
"Your music is soooooooooooooooo awesome. I listen to your music practically everday and I bought some of your sheet music and practice every day. I love how you are so into God and worship Him. He has given you so much skill on the piano. When I listen to your music it makes me think of how awesome God is and how awesome His Creation is." - Christopher
"I just wanted to thank you for being that inspiration that finally pushed me into realizing my dream. I am 38 years old and have always wanted to play the piano but just never made it a top priority. After reading the book "Purpose Driven Life" It occured to me that I am supposed to be using my talent to glorify God somehow. I have a good ear for music and have always been able to pick out a tune and repeat it on the keyboard, but have never read music. Anyway, now that I have cleaned up my life ( drugs, alcohol, etc...) and bugun my walk with Jesus, I am serious about my destiny. I am taking lessons from the lady that plays for our church and I have never felt more satisfied in any other endevour. One night I was surfing the internet for piano music and stumbled on to your website. Hearing you play almost brought tears to my eyes (I am not one to cry). Since then I have had a very clear vision of how I want to play. I know there is music trying to get out of me, but until I heard you play I didn't know how it should sound. Now here is the last little amazing part to my story. A few months ago I was at the Valley River Center Mall in Eugene, OR. just hanging with my wife as she shopped. I heard someone playing piano in the center court, so I went to listen. I sat at a distance and watched this man play for a long time ( first time my wife was ready to leave the mall before me). It was absolutely beautiful the way he played and sounded familiar. The other day I was looking at your website and I went to the section that shows where you are playing. Once I saw that you play at the Valley River Center a lot, it hit me like a ton of bricks; that was you. I downloaded the sheet music for your version of "Silent Night " and I have made it my goal to play that song in church by Christmas. I know with God's help and your inspiration I will do that and more. Just wanted to say thank you. " - Gary
"My son is SO excited to hear you in person. I must tell you this -- he is studying your music now with his piano teacher. He seems to connect so much to your music -- and this is no small feat -- he is a video game crazed 15-year-old who listens to Eminem and Metallica! Yet, when he plays the songs I have downloaded from you, I see him love what he is playing and he goes from one to the other. We are very much looking forward to hearing you." - Stephanie
"Thank you for your two CD’s, “The Vigil” and “Sweet Dreams And Starlight.” They are absolutely breath-taking. I experienced something inside your music that the heart has never touched as deeply. Even my seven-year old foster child, who is diagnosed with severe autism sat with the headsets on for hours listening to your overwhelming piano while rubbing his small knees. Your music must have tapped profoundly into his young mind, something so special that we as clinical adults, still cannot fully understand. The more intense the music, the further it seems to bring him out us his cold, silent world and into the warm sunshine of life. Your compositions are a helping, definitive antidote. Thanks man. I bought this music selfishly for myself, never knowing how much it would reflect onto him." - Trevor
"I just wanted to say thank you. You have brought piano music back into my 14 year old son's life. When I heard your music and printed out some songs for him that I thought he might like, he loved them immediately and went back to the piano to play again -- something he hasn't done in over a year. He has been playing piano since he was 5 years old and is quite gifted. But last year, he and his piano teacher reached an impasse and my son, Chris, just quit playing the piano and walked away from it all. For one year, I missed hearing music in my house. The minute I heard your music, I knew it was a style of sound that would connect with his soul. He learned Solitude within 2 days and has almost memorized Racing the Northern Lights. Thanks for giving me back my son, and giving him back his first love, music." - Stephanie
"I had the wonderful pleasure of hearing you play at the Valley River Center Mall in Eugene and I was simply amazed. Your music is beautiful and touching. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely gift with all of us that were in the mall that day. I cried and I am sure others did as well. Again, thank you for your sweet, precious gift. I will never forget that experience." - Debbie
"I am writing to say thank you for your music, your honesty, and sharing about your walk with God... I'm sitting here listening to your music and weeping in relief and joy. The past few weeks have been a time of turmoil for me, and I have been seeking peace. It seemed like no matter what I did/prayed/cried that there were no answers.This afternoon I cried out to God to let me know He loves me and is with me while. After I came home, I got online and started listening to your music. But it was the first time that I had actually read most of what is on your site. When I read your Mission Statement and clicked on peace of mind, I was startled to see this about Jesus, " ..he is the focal point of all God is doing in terms of restoring you back to a right relationship with Him." I deeply believe that God spoke to me through your words. I feel restored and loved and very grateful! Thank you, Mr. Nevue, for being a part of God's plan for me. I hope that doesn't sound too strange, but I know in my heart that God meant for me to hear your music which led me to your words--and led me to His. God Bless You!" - Donna
"I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your time (playing the piano) tonight. My wife and I were so blessed and ministered to by you and we left after purchasing three of your CD's. I am writing because as we read together your Overcome liner notes, we wept. We were in pursuit of some worship music for our 15 year old son whom we just found out is struggling with depression. God led us to you and we just want to thank you. Allready our son in just a few minutes of listening has remarked that you MUST love Jesus and that your piano work is beautiful, He is going to read through your Overcome notes and listen to your CD's tonight. In our Precious Lord, we thank you" - Fred
"Thank you for inviting us into your home last night for another wonderful house concert. Your music compositions warm the air and free the soul to accept the truth in a gentle and loving trust bonding performer and listener in a special embrace which honors both you and the Holy Spirit. The works of love are of great value to us, your music and your words are remembered. Yes, you are remembered, don't ever forget your importance to the world as a musician and teacher." - Martin
"I am 22 years old and am also a pianist... I took lessons from age 4 to 13, until moving away from my piano teacher. I continued to "teach myself", playing in a local church/drama troop, high school choir, and accompanying various other musicians and vocalists.... In July 2003, I became a quadraplegic as the result of a traumatic cervical spinal injury. I initially lost the use of my hands, something I was told I may never overcome. Of all that I lost in the accident, I could not bare to lose my ability to play the piano. I remained hospitalized for more than eight months, working my fingers each day. Slowly, I regained some use. My doctor assured me that if it was at all possible for me to play again, I would - my fingers were familiar with the keys and would "know what to do." While in rehab, I searched the web for downloadable sheet music and came across your website. "Solitude" caught my eye as something I might be able to play. I worked at it for many months and I still remember how happy I was when I succeeded. I have since then regained almost total use of my fingers. I am so blessed! I am captivated by your music - the emotion in each song. It speaks to me and sends shivers down my spine. I just wanted to thank you for your talent and to let you know how your music has forever touched my life." - Lyndsey
"I am 48 years old and just now taking my long deferred dream of playing the piano. I began lessons about eight months ago. The more I learn and practice the more I want to learn… I yearn to be able to play. I was searching the internet for practice techniques (to supplement my rigid but solid, instructor’s methods) and came across your website. I was reading with interest your Advice for Players… when I inadvertently clicked on your song, Ascending With Angels, and I wept. I then listened to ALL of your songs (and ordered your CD’s!) Your talent is beyond words. Thank you for the pianistic and spiritual inspiration." - Phyllis
"I am a Concierge at Park Central Condominiums in Atlanta Georgia. I just love your music and I play it for the residents during my shift...I have received some many wonderful compliments about your music. It definitely creates a wonderful ambience for the lobby. I am much happier and perform my duties with a much brighter disposition because of your music, not that my disposition wasn't good prior to becoming a listener, but it makes a difference to me, the residents, and guests that come to building." - Pamela
"I find your music absolutely inspirational. I am only sixteen years of age but thrive to make the creations you do. You have summed up my simple range of emotions and passions with each of your pieces. You are a role model to me. I love your dramatic peaks that come back in each piece; it makes my heart skip a beat and convinces me to stay at my keyboard for long hours of the day just to imitate the sound I hear. I just want to let you know how much you inspire me. There are hardly any words to sum up the emotions I feel as I hear your music." - Alasha
"I wanted to say that I enjoy your music very much.....Your music allows me to reconnect with the Lord and it strengthens my faith. It has been your music that has inspired me to begin playing again. I am learning your song The Gift. I am 36 and I have a lot of work ahead in getting my sight reading and fingering skills back, but I know I will enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your gift and making it available to others." - Rick
"One day when I was playing with my oldest child, the most beautiful song I'd ever heard began playing on Soundscapes. The song touched me in a way that I can't describe. A few days later, the song came on again and I rushed to write the name "One Night at Mozart's" and David Nevue. I wanted to own the entire CD and sent my friends and family on a mission to find it. It got to the point at home that no matter which one of your songs came on, as long as I was in listening range, I could identify it as your work. Words alone can't describe your music. I don't just listen to your music, I feel it in my heart and soul. I don't know if you believe in coincidence or not, but I quite recently I've found myself wanting to have a closer relationship with God. When I entered your website and read your quote, mission, etc. I knew that someone more powerful than myself was leading me to you. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world." - Holly
"Many nights I fall asleep with the headphones on listening to 'Whisperings.' I recently went through one of those life-altering events that leaves one in the depths of despair, and unsure if I really wanted to come out of it. Your music was my escape and 'The Vigil' always makes me smile." - Lorie
"...after hearing the first few seconds of "Be Thou My Vision," you had my complete attention. I have been inspired not only by the beautiful sounds you have combined with a classic hymn, but also by your spiritual faith... I was deeply affected by your Mission Statement and I was encouraged more with every paragraph I read. I was moved to tears many times, while reading the salvation message you published on the site. Thank you for listening to your heart, and accepting a greater call; I was just writing to say that your seeds are not all falling on hard ground." - David
"I have been listening to LIVE 365 Internet radio and your name keeps coming up again and again when I hear something I like. I just browsed your web site and I want to thank you for being forthright about your relationship with God. Thank you for expressing your heart through the piano. Others of us who aren't able to express ourselves this way, are able to experience a closeness to God through your music." - Lisa
"I write this letter because I have to tell you how I feel about your music which truly is of a very special kind....You have to know that it has become a very important thing in my life and that it is always with me in my heart. Your music is so full of life, so honest, that it touches me fairly deep inside. For me it has become like a trusted friend. It feels like if you´ve put things into melodies that I couldn´t even get into words. It often consoled me when I was sad and calmed me when I had fear. It nearly seems that I am acquainted with you although we´ve never met so far. It's the most beautiful piano music I've ever heard." - Claudia
"Your music sings to me. That's why I bought your 7 CD collection. I read your mission and felt "called" to keep listening. I'm inspired to share with you that your work goes deeper than the mere ear. It penetrates the soul. And for that I am grateful." - Kim
"I want to start out by thanking you for your touching music. But more than that; I want to thank you for the guidance that your music has provided me with. I am also a pianist, at least I like to think I am. My abilities are quite limited, but I just have this huge craving to express the musical thoughts that flow through my mind every minute of every day. You music has helped me a lot in this way: Not only does it inspire me to expand my abilities, but it also allows me to express myself through listening. This is something that I never knew to be possible before, but listening to your music allows me to focus on music and my spirituality in such a way that it somehow gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I am 18 years old and have a form of Spina Bifida which has prevented me from having a lot of experiences in my life, but I believe that it has brought me closer to my music, and made a whole new world of experiences. Your overwhelming faith provides optimism that good music is provision for the soul. Please continue with your music and message of God." - Jacob "To most others this would sound crazy, but you've done more for my faith in a few short weeks than anyone (with the exception of my wife, who teaches bible study to children) that I've known in music since I started. You're on the right path, and I'm here to help acknowledge it. The time has come for me to get off of the fence...." - Eric
"My wife & I just found out the house we were about to buy & move into is not going to happen. It took too long to close & the seller accepted another cash offer. Anyhow, my wife was very distraught as we unpacked all of our belongings & moved back in.... I sat her down with a glass of wine & popped in your CD. We embraced for a minute or so & listened to the music. The song was so beautiful & refreshing. I grabbed the CD cover to see that we were listening to "No More Tears". How perfect a song for the moment. Thank you for being there! with us, if only in spirit!" - Joe
"Thank you Mr. Nevue for your wonderful and soothing music. My faith in the Lord is the only thing that has kept the wind in my sails since my husband was deployed to Iraq eight months ago. Your music touched my heart and renewed my spirit one evening when I was reading to my oldest daughter. We have two year old twins, along with my older children, all who enjoy the tranquility your music brings." - Karen
"I stumbled on your advice to piano players and was really impacted by the words on the screen. I can relate to your experience because I was taught the basics by someone who plays wonderfully and expresses himself through the piano but cannot sight read. He also constantly listens to music on tape or CD and plays them out just the way you describe. What is interesting to me is that the process you described shows that mastering the art of playing by the ear may not always just be about a natural gift but rather a skill that needs to be worked at (or developed) just like sight reading and every other endeavour in life. Thank you for offering these few words of advice to people like me." - Sola
"Your music is absolutely fantastic. Your songs have the ability to reach down and touch one's soul. I absolutely love listening to your music.... God has truly blessed you. It is wonderful to see you use what wonderful gifts He has bestowed upon you. It helps us, everyday folk, to sit back and listen to music like yours. It absolutely relaxes, soothes, and heals me." - Robert
"Beautiful... your music is so very beautiful and blessed! Thank you for making me feel at ease. During this time of my mom's illness, I do need a way to relax and I thank you for giving me a way to do so. God bless you!" - Kim
"Thank you for such a high quality product and integrity as an artist. My wife is playing your CD at the office (property management). Needless to say, your influence is far reaching. Sometimes it get a little insane in there. There have been many very positive remarks on the quiet sounds from your piano." - Steven
"I love your music. When I was purchasing the sheet music I read some information about you. I find it interesting how you feel about music. Knowing and understanding it is God given. It is a gift from Him. There aren't many people in the world today who would give Him credit. I feel the same way about my ability to play and express myself with the piano. I believe a reason to be why God put me on this earth is to tell others about Him. I like the fact that you use your music to do this. I admire that! Again, thank you for sharing your personal/private piece of music with me." - Amanda
"When I hear David's compositions, I feel that if people exist who can transmit so many emotions and such sensitivity in simple notes, then there is still hope for humanity. I don't have words to describe what I feel when listening this music, it is something ethereal, inexplicable, divine. I don't have the words!" - Airina
"Your music heals my heart. I have been suffering depression for long time and the music you play has soul in it and comforts me so magically. I just want to say thank you. You've saved me. Please continue to let your feelings and soul show in your music. I can feel it." - Pai
"I was searching the net looking for info on playing the piano "by ear" when I just happened onto your site. First off, let me say I was captivated by your playing style...absolutely beautiful! But, the thing that really struck my heart and made me want to drop you a line is what I read in your bio about how you play. I was so happy to hear that there are other people out there that can play "by ear" and not "by sight"! I am one of those "by ear" people and for many, many years (well, actually until today when I read your bio!) I have always thought that there was something wrong with me...I had pretty much given up on playing because, although it brings me joy to play, it also brought me frustration to think that I had this strange "half talent" like nobody I had ever met before...until I read about you. Now I have a renewed interest in my ability and will joyfully return to the keyboard and celebrate music the way God has designed it into me! Thank you so much for your website and for the inspiring information and beautiful music in it!" - Deb
"Greetings...the music from David Nevue was awesome. My heart filled up listening to "No More Tears." I just blessed another birthday without my sweet son who passed by suicide 3 years ago - he would have been 25 last week. How incredible this earth journey is - full of so much joy & heartache...I struggle with much and exactly what I need to hear comes at just the right moment on the right day!! Blessings..." - Karen
"Thank you for the wonderful music! Please don't misunderstand when I say it makes me cry. Sometimes I just can't hold back tears because it is so beautiful." - Theresa
"I am a fifteen year old missionary kid in Ireland. I just want to say that your music is the most beautiful music I have ever heard. I have grown up in Ireland and I have never heard the Irish Hymn "Be Thou My Vision" so nicely arranged and played. God has certainly blessed you in giving you a talent like that. Keep up the good work!!!!!!" - Kelly
"David Nevue had thoughts of becoming a Rock musician. Under the influence of Rush, Pink Floyd and Kansas, David was playing keyboards with numerous bands when he decided to compose a solo piano piece and enter a college talent show. Following his performance, he asked his audience for three music notes and improvised a theme right on the spot. He won the competition and headed in a different musician direction. I am glad he changed his mind." - Jimmy Andrews / Vanilla Palm
"I just wanted to let you know that I played your piece 'Solitude' for an offertory last Sunday morning... I had several people come up to me and comment on how beautiful that piece was and I told them about you and your website. I can't wait for you to put some new sheet music out. Thank you so much for sharing your music." - Jane
"I was exploring the net one morning and came upon your web site. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a very painful disease. I downloaded one of Your songs, and I have to say the music was so soothing, it actually helped my pain. Your music is not only heart-touching, but very addicting! ... Your music is a gift to this world! Thank you for Your gift of music!" - Mimi
"I was led to you tonight. I needed to hear your music and know of your faith. I have been struggling with my faith. Thank you for being there for me tonight. Your music has created a peaceful feeling in my soul. Your words have soothed me. May God continue to bless you." - Melanie
"I am writing to not only tell you about my enjoyment of your music, but of an inspiration that you have given me....I am currently ministering to a handful of teenagers, that interestingly enough, WERE all very strong in the faith. Over the past year or so, they have all lost their faith, and claim to not believe in God. The latest curiousity is a young man that was fully loving God and Jesus... He then returned to school, and came home one day denying the existence of God... Fortunately, he is a VERY smart young man, and is approaching all of this as an intellectual excercise....Anyway, my insight came when I saw your song title "Deep Heaven (for C.S. Lewis)". I am now hoping that I can use the works of this great man as a tool to rekindle the faith in these fine young people. Thank you, and praise God for the awesome way He speaks to us." - Bob
"I must say I find your music inspiring to dream, wonderful to listen to. It is a journey that ends too soon and I just love the way you paint pictures in someone's mind. Thank you very much" - Roland
"David Nevue has a wonderful way of taking a simple melody line and filling it with meaning. His elegant playing style is never overly showy, preferring a direct and honest approach over showmanship. Nevue's compositions and interpretations are deeply personal as well as spiritual and inspirational...His music is so heartfelt and sincere that not a note seems out of place." - Kathy Parsons / Solo Piano Publications
"I am a Kenyan Pastor...I really loved your music and I have tried to get it in the book shops here but in vain, I hope I will be able to get it upon my arrival (in the U.S.) this summer. You are one of the greatest piano players I have met. Your music is so annointed. I will always pray for you. Keep on winning." - Daniel
"Thank you for publishing your great arrangements and compositions. As a freelance harpist in Minneapolis Minnesota, I truly have enjoyed playing your song “Home”. During the Christmas season, just for a change of pace I would bring out “Home”. It was exciting to see people stop, listen motionless to this song!! This Sunday I am planning to attend the local chapter of the American Harp Society, and I will share this great song with the harpist at this meeting. I know they too will be requesting this song from you. Many of your songs as I listen to them will work on the harp – so I look forward to buying your latest sheet music releases!!" - Jane
"How very excellent you are with the gifts our Lord have given you. You are lifting people's spirits every where. My grandmother, who had surgery last October and has been mostly in bed recovering has enjoyed your music immensely. Thank you for helping us through a trying time. " - Jenn
"I meant to tell you how much I liked your wonderful new Christmas album! It's just superb--and everyone who's heard it thinks so too....My ex's wife doesn't like anything remotely 'religious' (and anything that has to do with hymns turns her off!), but she loved your Christmas CD!...It really is 'any time' music, David. You succeeded in making an album that's very special Christmas music, but that also can be listened to at any time of the year. I played it on New Year's Eve, repeatedly, when I had a Russian couple visiting me--and they commented on what lovely music I had playing for our get-together!...thank you for all the time and love you put into it--well, your whole heart...Know that your music is doing something for peace as we head into 2003..." - Lynn
"I love your CD (O Come Emmanuel). I mean love. We've listened to it all month and I am so impressed with the sincerity and sensitivity that is imbued in it, especially when considered against 99% of commercial Christmas music. I tend to get a little blue (a la Charlie Brown) from all the stress of the season and your CD is the perfect remedy for it. You've created a gift for the rest of us, and I thank you for it." - Mary
"After a grueling day’s travel back home today, I put in your CD and pulled up your website. Now I know exactly why I was so drawn to your music. It’s Christ-centered, and Christ-motivated...Thank you for your love of, and life in Christ....Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s touching lives. God bless you." - Robin
"I just had to email you to say how much your piano playing has affected me, you play so naturally and so full of expression and feeling....I've heard lots of players, but none so as expressive as you are..." - Lawson
"Your musical artistry is so inspiring. I have such a passion for the piano and you have helped to rekindle my desire to play. Thank you." - Lynde
"Oh my....what a BEAUTIFUL CD this is!! (O Come Emmanuel) I'm only on track 6 (I had to listen to track 3 "Watching Their Flocks" twice -- it's truly wonderful!). The artwork and design/layout of the insert is VERY nice. I love the simplicity and purity of it....You have a loving and caring heart and I see it in so many ways...very much so in your music" - Rhonda
"I appreciate your site, your talent, your words of wisdom. I'm more and more impressed by those of you who have excelled in your music to God's glory, yet aren't caught in all the trappings of the "Christian Music Industry." You are probably reaching more people with gospel truth than many with Dove Awards and big contracts, and for that I heartily commend you." - Hugh
"I am sitting here listening to one of your CDs and I just have to tell you how your music makes me feel. I have such a sense of peace that comes over me I can't explain. You have such a gift!!!" - Kathy
"Musically and spiritually, I am blessed and encouraged each time I listen to your work, which is quite frequently. I share you and your work with friends every chance I get... I hope to one day meet you and / or witness a live performance, but if not, it will be even better in the Heavenly performance hall!" - Dan
"Thanks for your music, which touches my heart deeply and expresses my gratefullness to the Lord." - Emily
"You are a great inspiration to me....Several months ago, I downloaded a few free mp3's of yours, and recently I was able to buy your set. It is exactly as I had expected. I one day hope to be able to put my thoughts, feelings and intellectual pursuits to music as you do, for the glory of God. Thank you so much for your ministry." - Dan
"I am a pianist and play every week here at Christ's Church. I happened upon your site through mp3.com and absolutely fell in love with "Nails". In fact I played it so much last week that I was able to play it myself and used it during our communion service yesterday. I wanted to let you know that many people loved your piece and appreciated all the work you did on it. It is so nice to know that there are other Christians who have a passion for good music and are able to use their gift for God's glory. May you continue in your wonderful and much needed ministry." - Joanie
"I just finished listening to the collection I ordered from you and I wanted to let you know that your music touches me... I wanted to let you know that I admire that you've been bold enough to enter your spiritual life into your music. Unfortunately, nowadays that is dooming your financial/fame life by standing up for what you believe in...." - Nathan
"...I would like to say that your music is like a breathe of fresh air. You create such moods and feelings without trying to overcomplicate your music, its exactly what I have been searching for..." - Jeremy
"I just want to say again how much your music means to me. I have been playing the piano for almost nine years....I still love the piano, but... sometimes I just dread going to the piano to practice. I have started listing to your music, and I beleive that it has saved me from just stopping playing the piano altogether. It inspires me and lets me know that, even though practicing can become bothersome and chore-like, I might one day be able to play music, or maybe even write music as good as yours." - Justin
"Just purchased your "While the Trees Sleep" CD. I wanted to email you and tell you that your compositions are beautiful. I have played the CD several times and find that each time that I play it, I pick out something new in the music. You have an incredible style...Keep up the great work..." - Cary
"Thank you so much for your music. It is truely anointed. Thank you for loving the Lord; it comes out in your music." - Gene
"Although I am a diehard classic rock fan...Your piano songs really make me feel good. I am suffering from a bone degenerating syndrome that was accelerated when I fell at work some six years ago. Your music helps me to relax... Thank you and keep writing this good music." - Carl
"I am music director for a small Presbyterian church in Kentucky. I had been playing your song 'Home' on my piano all Saturday....I decided to play it for the prelude on Sunday morning...I think every one loved it, because you could not hear a peep as I played your beautiful song, 'Home.'...It is a very comforting song, after experiencing a tradgedy." - Leona
"I am so moved by your music of praise and awe. As far as I’m concerned, you have hit the nail on the head when it comes to being an instrument of God’s peace. Thank you." - Meg
"A few days ago, my husband and I were hanging out with our two kids, and he said “Let’s listen to this new CD you haven’t opened yet.” Anyway, my husband and I both loved it. Really, really loved it....I love the way the music appeals to your intelligence on one hand...and to your feelings on the other....David, it was so nice to sit playing with the kids, listening to such lovely music, as it rained and rained outside. It made for just a perfect evening" - Mary
"Sweet, beautiful and romantic music. Really nice, my friend. God Bless and peace to you always." - Ernie
"My 13 yr. old daughter absolutely loves your CD, Postcards From Germany. Thanks for sharing your wonderful music.... My whole family is really enjoying the entire CD. We bought it from MP3.com and listen to it often....I would also like to commend you for your commitment to the Lord Jesus and giving glory to Him." - David and Rebecca
"I am so glad that I have found your music... It is so soothing to me... When I am having a not so good day, it makes me feel Great.... Thank you for this wonderful sound.. "
"Your music is lovely and soothing to my soul. Thank you for sharing your talents." - Silvia
"I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for the music you made- since I adore the music which touches the deepest parts of the soul, I was always searching for it. And finally I got what I needed! Keep on making a wonderful collection of songs!!!" - Oleg
"I am usually into punk rock, but today, I got on the internet looking for something more conducive to thinking. Your music really helped, thanks a lot."
"Wow, such thought provoking & beautiful original works." - John
"I have never ran across any musician--or anyone for that matter--with such a true enthusiasm and drive invested in what he does....and thank you for being so personal with your customers. It goes a long way." - Spike
"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. It's peaceful, gentle, emotional and interesting... Thanks for the beautiful music David, you inspire me to keep pursuing my dreams. Keep up the good work." - Justin
"From the theory down to the sheer beauty and imagination manifested in your pieces, the quality and richness of your music is tantamount to that of the great solo pianists we have all come to love. I am only seventeen years old, but your music has inspired me to write my own compositions as well..." - Spike
"...Ludwig's dream is simply brillant, I have my player on repeat mode, and have listened to it easily over 15 times, while I am writing this." - Michael
"I can't put into words how your song "Home" touches my heart. All I can say is that it deeply moves me...sometimes to tears. I was very pleased to see that you are a Christian too. I've been listening to "New Age" music for years and am glad to see you doing so well in that genre with hymns. You will go far with your God-given talent." - April
"First of all, let me say what an extraordinary collection of music you created on the album called "The Vigil." I am not usually into piano music, but after hearing the title selection from the album on Atmospheres, a station I receive on my digital satellite service, I was moved...I had to buy the album and ever since I have received it, I have enjoyed ever moment and note of every song." - Dennis
"There are no words to adequately describe the experience of listening to your music. Is Dave Nevue a Christian? I am. Praise the Lord!"
"I am so excited to be able to know I am going to be listening to your CD in just a few days!! I truly love your music.. it is soo soothing.. and while other teenagers are listening to hard rock and such.. I will be swimming in a pool of soft currents.. taking me away.. deeper and deeper into the song!! Thank you so much, I really love your music...thank you thank you thank you!!!" - Julie
"Heard your Borg (The Assimilation) piano solo on Monster Monday. Resistance was futile. Very nice." - Irene
"Your music is like listening to a prayer. Thank you!" - Kat
"I sit here, at 2:42am listening to your work. it is so awe inspiring. I truly love it... I can sit here for hours listening to it. You are truly gifted....You are so blessed, so truly blessed by God. Thank you for letting me listen to it." - Julie
"YES!!! What a delight to listen to Be Thou My Vision. GREAT JOB!!!! It is such a pleasure to hear acoustic piano played like that....Keep up the great work!" - Kevin
"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know your music is awesome! I am in the process of writing reviews and stumbled across some "writers cramp". Your music was the fix. As soon as I turned on those soothing tunes, words were flowing out of my fingers and on to the screen. Your music seems to always be the perfect cure for powerful and dynamic thinking. You da man!" - Steve
"I received your CD today. I really like it ...I really enjoyed the fact that I didn't know where the songs were going. I imagined some possibilities, but was surprised. That is what sets your music way above so much of the predicatble music out there today." - Ken
"I just wanted to encourage you in your ministry. Your music is beautiful...I don't even know why I am writing you except that I felt that you might need the encouragement to keep going!....God bless you. Keep going brother." - Chris
"I'm am anxiously waiting for your next releases, especially the Christmas album. With your treatment of Amazing Grace on The Vigil, I know the presentations of existing Christmas songs will be wonderful as will the new songs you write. Best of luck, David. We are all pulling for your success in whatever areas are of interest to you. You are already successful in your spiritual life as we know." - Wilma
"I so look forward to your mailings....My favorite songs are "Voice in the Wilderness" and "Joy" - I loved them when I heard them in your concert and even more within the context of your (The Tower) album. What a great allegory! I wanted to let you know how truly inspiring your music is and how much the spiritual quality comes through. Anyway, I'm done gushing now." - Ronelle
"I can scarcely tell you how pleased I am with the two albums I have--While The Trees Sleep and Last Waking Moment. I first heard Mr. Nevue's music while on "Hold"... (how often do you really listen to "hold music?") Anyway, I liked it so much, I called them back to find out how to learn more and got the name of the website. Then when I got there, I found the reason for my initial reaction--it was the spirituality....So glad I found this music." - Wilma
"I called Symantec for tech support. I was put on hold for over an hour!! During this time they played your music. I loved it. I hung up the phone, accessed Rainmusic.com and ordered everything you offer in CD. I can hardly wait to get....Thanks for sharing your God-given talents with us, and thanks for giving him the glory and the praise." - Amylee
"We played "The Vigil" while on our recent trip. An extremely pleasant listening experience. It seems to me not only a "vigil" but a "voyage," in that this music played like accompaniment to the countryside itself. I began to imagine that lines formed by treetops dictated its graceful movement. Relaxing and beautiful." - Lynda
"Just received the new CD. Everything about it is so beautiful!!! As we listen for the first time, we are struck with the depth of feeling and lyricism that comes through. This work certainly is God-anointed. What peace. What serenity. What beauty. God bless you richly!" - Timothy
"Hey David, great new CD (The Last Waking Moment)! You have developed a definite penmanship! meaning that it sounds like you. That is a rarity with solo pianist. I really like it when you jump on the keys that's great! And what you wrote about your wife's dream was a wonderful way to paint a picture about the concept of the album. Congratulations! We love it." - Dax
"I take care of a 9 month-old baby, who just went through open heart surgery. I tried this CD with her last night. What a difference in her fussiness. She calmed down from a kicking, screaming fit within 5 minutes of commencement of playing this CD. This is wonderful!" - Kal
"We Just received the CD "The Last Waking Moment" yesterday. Bonnie and I like it so much that she now wants to go out and buy a CD player for the car!!! Thanks a LOT! I detect a touch of George Winston in your music (that's a GOOD thing, Bonnie and I love G. W.!), but for the most part, it is fresh and unique--VERY easy to listen to!!! From now on, when I'm working on spreadsheets and junk at work, I'll be listening to your music instead of Vivaldi." - Tom & Bonnie