How to Book David Nevue for a Concert

David Nevue Concert Photo

YES, I'd love to come play a concert for you! Here's the Scoop!

If you'd like to have me come and play a concert or fund-raiser event for you in your home, your church, or other venue, get in touch - I would love to come and play for you, your family, friends and guests!

How Much Will it Cost? The cost would be my travel expenses PLUS my fee - so you're looking at a grand total of about $2,000 depending on airfare at the time. Also, keep in mind that you'd need to provide a piano for the event that's well-maintained, tuned up just prior to the show and in good working order. Can't manage the $2,000 expense? Contact me anyway... it may be that I can schedule one or two other shows in your area to split the costs and still ensure my travel expenses are covered. Get in touch and let's see what we can do!

Let's talk! If you would like to talk about scheduling a performance now or in the future, drop me an email at! Even if you can't budget for a show right now, get in touch and at least let me know you're interested. You never know what the future holds!