The Last Waking Moment (1997)

The Last Waking Moment is a thematic work based on a life-changing dream David's wife had several years ago. The dream, an intense vision of a face to face meeting with Christ, had a profound effect on his wife Julie as well as David himself. The music on The Last Waking Moment follows the dream journey though the "Shadowlands" to "The Gathering Fields".

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Album Liner Notes by David Nevue...

The Last Waking Moment is based on a particularly lucid dream my wife experienced in 1990. She was utterly convinced until the moment she awoke that she wasexperiencing a real event. Even now, years later, she feels her dream was much more than "just a dream." She has considered it a gift from God, a personal message of hope in a time of great distress. I have watched as this dream has completely changed her outlook on life. Whether or not she's actually been to the "other side," she brought something back from that Emerald Valley which has had a profound effect on her faith. I love listening to her talk about the dream. It stirs something very deep in me. I should point out that the full scope of her dream went far beyond what is written here. Some events of the dream are simply too personal to share. Words could never describe the event satisfactorily anyway. I will let the music tell the story of her dream. Music, and a few words to get you started. Let your imagination fill in the details. Happy dreaming...David Nevue

The Last Waking Moment - for my beloved wife, Julie.

As I near The Last Waking Moment, a midnight rain taps softly on my window. My thoughts drift randomly to and fro as I bounce From Dream to Dream, sometimes aware, sometimes unaware that I am asleep. I pass into "elsewhere," out beyond The Shadowlands, and find myself standing on a hilltop gazing down into a beautiful Emerald Valley. All around the valley rim, I see hundreds, then thousands of people descending from the surrounding hills into The Gathering Fields. I move to join them, watching as many of those gathering together meet friends and loved ones along their way. Everywhere, people are embracing, laughing, and dancing a Dreamers Waltz. As I make my way through the converging crowds, I notice a solitary figure near the valley center waiting for us. I struggle to see who it is, and drawing closer realize the focal point of the crowd is none other than Christ. His eyes meet mine, and for a moment He and I stand Face to Face. "Welcome," He says, and He speaks my name with a love and recognition that I have never known. The multitudes, having gathered all around, join together in singing and celebration. Holy beings surround us and we slowly, gently begin Ascending with Angels into the darkening sky. The Earth fades into the distance as we sail across Deep Heaven toward our promised land where we will shed No More Tears. As we cross Beyond the Rim, I awake with a start, unsure of where I am, and then mourn the realization that I am still Earthbound. In the early morning Twilight of Dreams, I cannot help but long to return to the other side. Never have I felt more on the Outside Looking In. I pray in this world of shadows, Lord, Be Thou My Vision, my light, that I might truly see.

Revelation 21:4

Album Reviews...

"Tracking this impressive pianist's musical journey has been like peeling an onion. Pull one layer and another emerges. With this outing, Nevue goes even deeper into his gently modulating stylings to caress originals that invite romance in a wintry setting. Maturation is evident everywhere. Although Nevue still occassionally reveals his debt to pianists like George Winston, his own voice emerges here through statements that are clear, direct, personal and attractive."

- Fred Crafts, Eugene Register-Guard

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