Awakenings: The Best of David Nevue (2001-2010)

The Best of David Nevue (2001-2010). A collection of best selling songs from David's albums released between 2001-2010. Featuring highlights from Postcards from Germany, Sweet Dreams & Starlight, Overcome, Adoration: Solo Piano Hymns and Revelation: Solo Piano for Prayer and Worship. A great album to start your David Nevue collection with!

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Album Liner Notes by David Nevue...

When David Nevue released Whisperings, his first “Best of” collection in 2001, his music was still relatively unknown. Ten years later, the same can no longer be said. David has become one of the most recognized names in the contemporary solo piano music genre. While the Whisperings collection of 2001 encapsulated the most popular works from David’s early years (1985-2000), this collection, Awakenings, features highlights from albums released between 2001 and 2010. These albums include: Postcards from Germany, O Come Emmanuel, Sweet Dreams & Starlight, Overcome, Adoration: Solo Piano Hymns, and Revelation: Solo Piano for Prayer & Worship.

The upbeat Postcards from Germany, released in 2001, was inspired by David’s travels to Germany and Austria in 1998. Each song represents a musical “postcard” of an event, place or adventure, making the album a musical scrapbook of sorts. Four tracks from Postcards from Germany have been selected for this collection, including "Big Snow in Salzburg," one of David’s most popular songs to date. Also featured are "The Kindness of Strangers," "In God’s Hands," and "Wonderland."

The birth of his two children in 2000 and 2003 brought much inspiration to David’s music. During these years, he composed many sweet songs, melodies and lullabies, most of which ended up on his 2004 album Sweet Dreams & Starlight. Also included on Sweet Dreams were “leftover” songs from earlier recording sessions that didn’t make it onto previous albums for one reason or another. One of those musical remnants, an arrangement of "Greensleeves," was finally released on Sweet Dreams and it, along with the title track, "Eden Again" and "The Gift" (re-released after its first appearance on his 2003 Christmas album, O Come Emmanuel) became the most popular songs on the album.

In October, 2003, David lost his father, a Christian evangelist and missionary, to cancer. Many of the songs David composed during this time reflected his coming to grips with this loss. In 2005, David released Overcome, a tribute to his father’s unwavering faith, and a musical testimony to relying on God’s sovereignty during difficult times. Overcome was nominated for – and won – “Best Instrumental Piano Album of 2005” at the prestigious Lifestyle Music Awards. Included in this collection is the powerful title track, as well as David’s arrangement of "As the Deer," a popular praise chorus based on Psalm 42. Also featured are the standout tracks "Treasure Falls," "Broken," "Winter Walk," and David’s heartfelt arrangement of the hymn, "It is Well With My Soul."

The process of composing music for Overcome, an album that included five hymn/praise song arrangements, brought David into a period of musical transition… from writing primarily original material to creating arrangements of popular hymns and contemporary worship melodies. This transition led to David’s 2007 release, Adoration: Solo Piano Hymns, David’s first #1 charting album. David’s arrangements of "Amazing Grace" and "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" from Adoration are both included in this collection.

While in the studio recording Adoration, David took frequent breaks to improvise on contemporary praise and worship melodies. This was done on a whim, but by the end of the Adoration sessions, David had recorded nine extra songs, all improvisations. Amazed and surprised by the result, David returned to the studio months later to record more improvisations and hymn arrangements. The result was David’s eleventh album, Revelation: Solo Piano for Prayer & Worship, released in 2009. Included here is David’s improvisation on the classic praise song "Here I Am to Worship," as well as an original song from the album (and one of his personal favorites), "The Lion and the Lamb."

Heading into the next decade, David’s music is more widespread than ever. People are discovering his music via Pandora Radio, Sirius XM, YouTube, Spotify and anywhere else music can be streamed and enjoyed. As new fans discover David’s music, they are sharing it with others. Even piano teachers are catching on, adding sheet music of David’s songs to the instruction they are giving their piano students (or, in many cases, piano students bring David’s music to their teachers as they want to learn it!) The awareness of David’s music has taken on a life of its own, thanks in great part to the energy and enthusiasm of David’s fans.

Album Reviews...

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"What a wonderful collection of songs! Everything I have heard of David Nevue is just fabulous. He is able to take some of the "classic" worship songs and recreate them in beautiful ways. In addition, he has his own original songs that are equally as good. Every one of his albums are beyond beautiful."

"Since I downloaded this album today, I've listened to it over and over. By nature, my first listen of newly purchased music is the most gut-felt critical: if it sets well with my heart upon first listen, I know that it will become a favorite and set the tone for my playlist for the next few weeks or even months. This is a *fantastic* album. It will be the focal point of my quieting/study music for some time to come. But... there are few songs which have EVER grabbed me as "In God's Hands" did. I found myself replaying and resonating with the song as it took me on a gentle, tear welling journey. There is a powerful, sober, gentle dialogue that echoes the plaintive state of my soul as I walk with Him, speaking with Him: explaining the un-defendable, listening to His patiently repeated, merciful, heart-melting answers; the accompanying echoes in the song as I say, "I am but dust Lord, yet I am grateful... I believe I understand..." And perhaps it is simply that I am caught up in something of my own internal struggle at the moment, but this song surely, clearly, cleanly, simply, utters a prayer that my own lips cannot fathom. The other music on this album is also beautiful but I am most grateful, at this moment, for this offering of musical prayer."

"I love this man's work. Heard him first on Pandora. I think I will buy every CD he has recorded!"

"Pure Joy. Another hit by David Nevue. This CD contains some new pieces and some true classics and all are crafted perfectly to make this a pure joy to listen to. I have a repeat function on my Bose which allows to to listen to hours of uninterrupted music by David Nevue. No doubt that you'll want to listen too."

First of Mr. Nevue's CD's I've gotten. I was introduced to his work accidently, listening to a new age station on the radio. Heard Treasure Falls. Blew me away. So I researched, found this CD on Amazon, sampled the rest and Eureka! Inspirational, artfully presented, and perfect for my nature. I am in awe of you Mr. Nevue. For real. Anyone who loves solo piano that is expressive and engaging without being intrusive should give this a listen. I love the fact that Amazon lets you sample the whole CD. But I have no doubt that many who hear these snippits will feel as I do. This, people, is real music.

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